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Craigslist Joe

Sean Nelson

Due 6-4-13

Today in MKTG199SMM we finished watching the film Craigslist Joe.  The film not only was very inspirational and showed basic human generosity and trust but was  also a good insight as to the opportunities that Craigslist provides.  Not only is Craigslist Joe able to find places to sleep and food to eat, but he also took a multitude and variety of free classes and events.  This kind of variety of charity Craigslist Joe received shows to me that Craigslist is much more than a place to buy and sell things.  It is a community virtualized that reflects the traits of the actual humans in the community.  As the creator of Craigslist Craig states, Craigslist acts as a virtual flee-market.  You make connections with real people who are interested in a similar goal as you.  This can range from anything such as enjoying company on a long road trip or reaching out to a group of people who might be willing to buy something secondhand from you.

The response Craigslist Joe received from his posts made me curious what kind of things people in our local area Eugene are willing to part with for free.  I was inspired to see the kinds of charity people are willing to give on a personal scale.  Although Craigslist Joe is able to travel the world and make countless connections with extremely unique personalities, I don’t have the same luxury as my schooling requires that I stay in Eugene.  Still, I looked on Craigslist to see what I could find and came up with a few unique items I could have purely out of the kindness of the posters hearts.  The majority of the posts I came across were couches and televisions as this is a college town and with frequent moves have left students with no options other than giving away their furniture for free.  One post that stood out to me is someone who offered his service to fix plasma or LCD televisions for free.  This stood out to me because the post left little gain for him other than the well-being of those he helps.  Because this is a college campus, I also found multiple listings for rallys or protests.  These kinds of events are a place where you can make connections with like minded people.  They rely on Craigslist which shows how powerful a tool it can really be.  Craigslist Joe inspired me to see the kinds of connections I can make on this virtual flee market.  With just a little research in my local area I learned that Craigslist is a powerful connector of people and worth considering whenever you need a little help from your community.


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