Presenting & Talking Tips

For starters... Don't be a close talker..

For starters… Don’t be a close talker..

By: Nate Reineke

Oh the art of being a good talker. Being able to really talk to people can seriously help you in life. A good talker makes you feel comfortable, they listen, they tell good stories, they can feel for what the person they are talking to, actually wants to and is comfortable talking about. Oh ya, and they don’t talk TO MUCH. So many things seem to come naturally to these people, these people just make you feel like you are best friends within a 5 minute conversation… Or does it come naturally?

If I am just being honest, a lot of the presentations in front of our class have been painful to watch. Then again, a lot of them have been great. And I can say that it was not the material they were presenting that separated them into one of these two categories.

Every time I saw a bad presentation, it was because they were bad talkers. They might be quiet, nervous, they might say “umm” so many times that I start counting and make it a game with myself. Then, every time I saw a good presentation, it was because the presenter was a good talker. They were happy to be talking to the class, which made me happy to hear them. They were not nervous, so I wasn’t nervous for them. They practiced, and it showed.

So I am writing this blog about how to make a good presentation, not in power point or anything like that, but how to be a speaker, regardless of what you are presenting. Also I am writing it to share how to just be a good talker in general.

The reasons I decided write on the “talking” subject, is for one, to learn how myself! I got pretty nervous about my presentation when I saw how bad some of them were. So I figured if I did some research on how to present well, it might do me some good.

It is also incredibly valuable to learn just how to relate to people and be a “good talker”. Pinky showed us in class just how far a personality can get you. Also, I think the pressure of writing about how some people did poorly might force me into putting high standards on this presentation.

So here are some tips, I’ll just rattle them off….

1.)    Be confident! If you are confident, the people listening to you will be confident in you.

2.)    Be Comfortable. Again, any emotion you show, will be mirrored by your audience. They want you to be comfortable, so they can be comfortable.

2 b.) Remember, the crowd most likely wasn’t thinking about you presenting all day like you were prior to your speech. It is not a big deal to them. Remembering this should calm the nerves a little bit.

3.)    Tell stories. Telling true stories come really natural to most people. So tell a story and get comfortable. People relate to them, and it will get the ball rolling. 

3 b.) Make fun of yourself, or your family. This, in the right setting, lets people know you don’t take yourself too seriously.

4.)    Practice. Again, it shows! 

I am over my word count… So here are some websites with more tips on how to talk in a presentation or in other parts of life!


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