Dylan Lochtie Blog Post

Dylan Lochtie

Previously in class we have been working with SWOT analysis to better understand how to approach marketing tactics within various industries. This information has been particularly interesting to me. I have studied SWOT analysis in other classes but in this class it takes a look at it from a marketing oriented position as opposed to business. I think that there is a lot of potential in using strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to better position yourself for the future in an industry and try to advance your marketing strategies by doing so. I like that we have learned to look at other companies strength and weaknesses in order to produce new opportunities. This aspect was somewhat new to me but once learning it made complete sense.

On another note we have also been watching the film titled “Craigslist Joe”. It shows how helpful a social network like Craigslist can be for someone who does not have other resources. The movie holds to be an interesting idea but seems to be a little off when it comes to production. Some of the legitimacy in the help that he is given is questioned; I think that many people may have offered up help and resources simply because they wanted to be in the movie. All in all the film is good for making you think but is not a great movie in the way that it was put together. I think that the movie was strange in a sense that instead of using the good will from others to help people in need it was used simply to make the movie. I think that it was a cool experiment but at the same time a little wasteful and redundant, as he was perfectly able to maintain a job the entire time or put efforts towards helping others instead of relying on others help. I realize this was all for the sake of the movie but at the same time it seemed flawed.


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