University of Oregon SWOT Analysis

By: Jason Laird




On Tuesday, my group (11) presented to the class a SWOT analysis of the University of Oregon’s social media presence. In our analysis, we compared the UO to Oregon State and Portland State universities. We felt these were the UO’s largest competitors, as all three are the only public universities in Oregon.

In our comparison of the three schools, we measured their social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram. Each school covered portions of the social media heavily, but all three lacked on other sites. Overall, UO is more fluent in social media, but their YouTube channel falls flat in the number of followers compared to OSU. OSU approaches their social media differently. Most notably, their Facebook group and page are private, and users who have not been approved, including faculty, staff, and students, must enter their Oregon State email address to access the page. This substantially diminishes their ability to market on Facebook. However, their YouTube channel and video news channels are very popular and have several thousand more followers than that of UO’s. Portland State has a broad range of social media accounts, many more than the five we focused on. Portland State has an advantage over UO and OSU due to their location in Portland. Because of this, the university has access to many more businesses and stronger connections within the city of Portland than UO and OSU. However, though Portland State has many social media accounts online, their fan-base, number of likes, and followers on Facebook and Twitter remain lower than both UO and OSU. This might be due to the fact that Portland State is a commuter school, and their presence of “community” isn’t as solid as other universities. Overall, our group felt that Portland State is overshadowed by UO and OSU’s connections and networking skills. 

Our group recommended several marketing objectives for UO, OSU, and PSU. We felt that UO should post 3 videos every month on YouTube marketing the school in order to raise their number of followers by 25% come 2014. OSU should consider making their network public on Facebook in order to publicly market themselves, and increase their number of likes by 10,000 come 2014. Portland State, though doing well, should focus their energies on promoting more local startups and businesses in order to increase their sense of “community”. By networking, they can raise their number of Twitter followers by at least 500-1,000 people per month by 2014.


Below is a link to a marketing campaign UO created over a year ago. Alone, it has almost 80,000 likes. If they can create more video marketing campaigns and publicize them on YouTube, they’ll have a greater presence.




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