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Mason Gray



For my topic I’m choosing to write about the effect social media has on companies and their reaches. Coca cola reaches over 66 million people through Facebook alone. This helps to advertise coca cola in a way previously never imagined. Social media has allowed companies like Coca Cola to utilize new networks for advertising. Facebook with over 1.11 billion users allows coca cola to reach an audience they otherwise would have very limited access to. Another way that social media has helped to create new advertising venues for corporations is through twitter coca cola for instance has 791 thousand followers on Twitter that coke or other companies could potentially market through. Twitter allows companies to reach more people than ever before by throwing out messages to their loyal consumers who have followed them. Coca Cola can use these messages to give information to consumers like new product launches or sales. This is also true for Facebook. Coca Cola can use face books wide access to consumers in order to promote any new products. For instance if coke had a newly designed can and they wanted to excite consumers about it they could post pictures of it on Facebook and put tweets up on twitter discussing the new qualities and design.


Another way to advertise using today’s social media is through online videos the most popular site to do this through is YouTube. Companies use YouTube’s vast user base to instead of paying for TV commercials having consumers look at video advertisements on their channels. YouTube is the sixth most widely visited site in the world which for a company looking to sell a product makes it an ideal way of getting some public exposure. Using these sites is changing the way companies look at marketing. Especially in the modern world today where everything is becoming more centered around computers and becoming technologically advanced companies need to start becoming ready to make these changes and utilize these new advertising methods.  These social media tools are most common amongst younger generations and so if corporations wish to stay competitive they need to be able to use these tools and appeal to the younger demographic.


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