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gosling timberlake shitless gosling shirtless timberlake cokeMichael Casner

Due 6/1/13

Blog post: How to have more of a viral impact for Coca-Cola

We talked about marketing objectives and goals of companies. The company that I picked was Coca-Cola and they need a celebrity endorser like Pepsi has to help sell their product. Pepsi has Beyoncé, so I personally believe that Coke needs someone or someone’s to endorse them. Coke needs to come out of the gate strong with Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake. For regular Coke, there has to be a print ad of Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling holding a puppy in one arm and a classic glass bottle of Coke with a straw in the other hand. Now Coke should also do a print ad where it’s the same picture of Timberlake and Gosling but shirtless drinking Coke Zero. The reason why they would be drinking Coke Zero shirtless is to show the zero calories in the drink. Also it shows that someone could keep their body figure if they drink Coke Zero. A viral commercial would be good of Timberlake and Gosling to do something funny while there is Coke signs in the background or they are drinking coke.

The reason why I chose those two men is because they are two very famous good looking actors who are very popular right now. Coke currently outsells Pepsi and has (according to Google analytics) but Pepsi is winning in the viral market.

Pepsi only has 810 videos on YouTube but has over half a million subscribers.

Coke has 1820 videos on YouTube but only has 131,xxx subscribers.

Coke may have more views but when Pepsi posts a video online, over half a million people will see that not including people who just stumble upon their videos. The commercials that Beyoncé are in make up almost one third of all of Pepsis views on YouTube.  Coca-Cola needs something to help them even out their numbers.

Coke has more than double the videos that Pepsi does and only 30 million more views. Coke needs a face or (a) famous spokesmen to bump up the appeal of drinking Coke. Gosling and Timberlake would be perfect to help bump sales

Pepsi does fun commercials like when Jeff Gordon pranks a car salesman and that video alone has well over 36.5 million views. Pepsi also has the sex appeal of Beyoncé and all of her videos. With Timberlake and Gosling, those commercials would be dripping with sex appeal.

Now the point of these overly good looking ads is to bump up Coca-Cola’s web traffic. Pepsi dominates Coke in viral videos because Pepsi has bigger named celebrities endorsing them. If Coke was able to do a few commercials that would be funny\sexy.

Coca-Cola needs to step up their viral marketing and this is how.


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