Twitter Conversation May 23rd

 Nick Domenigoni: @Dimz66, Chad Williams @ChadCwill3, Jeff Tordjman @TordjmanMKTG199, Adam Brown @AdamBrown52 ,Megan Osterhout @MeganJOsterhout

On Thursday May 23rd, our class had the pleasure of listening to guest speaker, Craig Pintens Senior Associate AD/Marketing & Public Relations for UO Ducks. We had our conversation set up under the hashtag #May23smm. Craig talked about how the Oregon brand is the number 2 brand in the nation on Team FanShop and our quest to become the number 1 brand in the nation. The main reason for Oregon’s success and fame in becoming one of the top brands in the nation is because of the Quack Cave. The Quack Cave is a social media headquarters where students are constantly tweeting, posting, or blogging about the schools athletics in order to gain recognition across the nation. Not only do they tweet and create buzz about the university but they also track anything Oregon Athletics. If someone makes a fake account about an Oregon player then Craig says they do what they can to take it down as fast as possible. Craig gave the class an inside look of the media life of Oregon Athletics, including the chaos of Chip Kelly leaving Eugene for the NFL. The entire class loved having Craig speak to us and some even compared him to as good of a speaker as Pinky Gonzolez, Pinky even Favorited those tweets but unfortunately he did not join in on our conversation.

Another presentation was given to the class about a social media site called Meetup. This site can be used by anyone to find scheduled meetups with random people from anything like salsa dancing all the way to a wine tour group. Some people even use this site to meetup with people and play sports or just to find a new group of friends. The site is extremely easy to use and its available to everyone. All you have to do is go to the website and either create an event or find a current one to attend. Once you sign-up for an event all you gotta do is show up and enjoy the fun.

We had a very fun and exciting twitter conversation. The best part about it was when Craig left the class he didn’t wait long until he  joined in our conversation, answering questions students had tweeted him, commenting on our tweets, thanking the class for having him. We had a total reach of 1,909 accounts and 4,436 impressions in our conversation. We had an estimated 115 tweets with 20 contributors within 2 hours.


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