China Where Will Be The Next Biggest Social Media Market

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After I read the notes I took this week, I have decided to risk my blog grade to write these down.

As I grow up under Chinese “patriotism” education system, after I come to America I always think about my country and how I can make it better. 

Both Steve Jobs said and Picasso said, “good artists borrow, great artists steal.” So I guess I might be a great person if I can steal something from somewhere. Now I am talking about social media. One thing I like about America is the spirit of liberalism in America, that explains why the social media industry is so prosperous. Due to the most restrict internet censorship, social media industry remains pales when compare to America. However, that’s what makes it a great opportunity. Unlike America, business is closely related to national policies in China, which is like a double side blade, it keeps the economy stable but also limits the opportunities for individuals. Thursdays lecture about QuackCave made me think a lot. I didn’t expect that Twitter has became such an important tool, which is able to gain lots of influence. While, we have microblogs in Chinese as well which is getting increasingly popular (people love it, because that’s a one of several relatively liberal place where people can say something negative about government society). However, not all the companies actually utilize it. There are 0.5 billion people are using it everyday. Needless to say there is a huge potential.  


Also, the opportunities of creating social media sites are available. Especially those social media sites which target specific group of people such as artist, musicians, and computer geeks reminds undeveloped. 

10 years later or less than 10 years, China will become the economic center in the world. Many thing will change in 10 years. If you would like to think outside of the box, China will be the next biggest market or it is the biggest market already. 



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