Twitter Conversation 5/21

Nick Waldsmith, Steven Ng, Raphael Levy, Takahiro Ishida

On Tuesday May 21st, we were lucky enough to have a guest speaker from our own class come up and present his company’s application.  The app “Blend” is a photo-based application that gives the users an incentive to post photos.  This application took over our twitter conversation as students tweeted about their excitement of the new app.  Without the majority of the class owning a smart phone, not only were they able to participate in the twitter conversation, via the Twitter app, but also downloading and using the newly found app, Blend. Due to the advance technology today, students were able to download the app, use the app, and then tweet about the app. This process spreads information almost instantaneous and blows the word of mouth communication out of the water.

Another topic that caught the attention of the class was the Reddit presentation.  Reddit is a popular site that the majority of the class seems to show interest in.  We kept the twitter conversation interesting by posting tweets that stimulated conversation. 

Looking at the twitter conversation, students really like the lesson on the situational analysis and marketing plans. @AshleyDalmy started off the lesson with a tweet “learning about situational analysis and marketing plans in @MKTG199SMM with @JessycaLewis”. Seconds later, @BrittanyBaird tweeted “I definitely need some more help with marketing plans #idontgetit @MKTG199SMM. @dielon3 posted “Leaarning about marketing plans. Suprisingly new information so far. @MKTG199SMM”. This lesson was very valuable and students expressed their feelings towards this topic by using the social networking site, Twitter.


Original Tweets: 58

@Message Tweets: 12

Retweets: 20

Total Tweets: 90


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