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Oregon Athletics has had a huge boost in national attention over the years, whether it’s a different scheme of jerseys or their state of the art facilities. But what is the reason for this sudden rise in interest surrounding UO athletics? One of the biggest factors has been the schools ability to Market their image to the world. A recent addition to the Oregon facilities is known as the “Quack Cave”; somewhat of a social media headquarters. The Quack Cave is a social media “machine” that runs 24/7, updating the world on anything and everything Ducks.

In the cave, people are constantly tweeting, posting, or blogging about the schools athletics, creating hastags or different athletics program pages on Facebook have been extremely helpful in Oregon gaining its national fame. Oregon has programs that track online buzz about the athletic department, so any tweet, blog, picture or video anyone posts about Oregon Athletics, is seen by someone in the Quack Cave.

The Quack Cave shows just how powerful social media is and how the world is being connected through these media outlets. It has barely been two years since the addition of the Quack Cave, and it has helped The University of Oregon unite its fans around the globe, allowed them to connect and share about Oregon’s athletics. Social Media has been a great way to keep people interested and talking about Oregon and allowing the University to see how people experience different athletic events and how much fans care about the UO’s athletics.

“Have you ever tried to follow the #GoDucks hashtag on Twitter or seen how many “likes” one post from the Duck Football Facebook account gets? It’s crazy. It’s overwhelming. It’s unthinkable. It’s Oregon.” – Kayla Glanville, QuackCave

A look inside the Quack Cave  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8NXpk0IfFM


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