Foursquare and Twitter Clean Up

Late post – Original content was covered in class on May 14th.

On May 14th in MKTG199SMM class, we discussed Foursquare, a growing app that allows users to track where theyve been and whos been there with them. This app also allows those who frequent certain destinations to become the “mayor” of a certain area or business. Participating companies offer many incentives to become the mayor. The example used in class, becoming the mayor of Starbucks, offered discounts on drinks and the occasional free drink! Although it may not seem like much, for those who frequent certain destinations, this app allows them to capitalize on the time and money already invested into a business and try to get something out of it!
Most importantly though, I thought the topic covered by Jessyca was very important as well. Cleaning up your digital dirt is something we should all be aware of and consciously do. There are many things that can be very revealing about us posted on the internet and we might not even know it yet. Everyone should be active in googling their name and making sure that the results that come up from that google search are clean and do not reflect badly on an individuals professional image.

On top of using google and other search engines as resources to clean up digital dirt, it is even more important to go through ones social media and make sure that you arent tagged or even worse- posted any pictures that could be incriminating and the deciding factor in a job search should an employer decide to take a look through a potential employees social media landscape.  There should be no illegal activities posted in statuses or pictures and no slanderous thing said about anyone or a company. It may take a lot of work, but cleaning up those facebook pictures and obscene tweets could be the difference in getting that job or not.


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