Does Dirt Affect Work?

Author: Jeff Tordjman

In this day and age almost everybody is using social media, have it be on their cell phone or on their computer they are posting their lives on the Internet. Facebook, Twitter and Linked in are amongst the big ones that people who are hiring tend to look at because they are more likely to hold certain posts pictures or tags that have explicit content that others may frown upon. “Digital Dirt” as some people call it is what companies are looking for when hiring a certain someone because they have to try and figure out whom that person really is, even if that means socially. I think there is a question that we all have to ask ourselves. Does dirt affect work?

In my opinion it all depends on the person, I think that if the persons social behavior affects their performance in the workplace than that person should either not have the job they were presumably hired for or not partake in the social “misbehaviors” they are participating in, but if it doesn’t affect their performance I believe it should be as serious of a problem that some people think it is. A perfect example is the former CEO of Apple; I’m talking of course about Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs was known for smoking Cannabis and doing LSD. Do you think that he would have been perceived as a “good person”? (So to speak) I think his actions would be all over social media and that could have affected his mindset into possibly not creating the largest technology empire of all time in the first place. The point I am trying to make is that sometimes someone’s explicit post or picture even though its not good for getting hired, it doesn’t always reflect who the person really is and I think that companies should look more in depth with their potential employees rather than judging them firstly by their social media platforms.

This isn’t an argument against the policies that companies make with regards to hiring because they make the rules if you are trying to get hired, I am simply discussing an opinion and idea that I think other people should elaborate on. Because we have all made dumb decisions in life and we all regret doing those certain stupid things. But for someone to judge you based on one action is in my opinion unfair. All opinions aside, companies that are hiring make the rules and they decide who they want to offer jobs to, but I believe that if someone is truly skillful at a certain craft and they are being withheld from it because of a sentence (post) or a picture, I think that the company is either missing out on a truly skillful employee or they are just making an irrational decision.

Author: Jeff Tordjman

Twitter: @TordjmanMKTG199


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