Can Facebook posts get you fired?

I was reading an article my mom sent me about how social media can help you land a job, but also help you lose one. This article can be found on the Communications Workers of America website, or by visiting the link at the bottom. This article focuses on the freedom of speech via Facebook and other social media sites that The National Labor Relations Board is trying to grant workers. The goal of the The National Labor Relations Board is to allow employees to, “comment about conditions at work, without fear of retaliation or getting fired.” So far The National Labor Relations Board has prevented employees from getting fired for their posts that are considered “part of an online conversation between coworkers, or are intended to provoke a response from coworkers.” I personally feel that these are matters that should be handled by each corporation individually. Every company has different policies and should therefore have different policies regarding social media posts. As long as the company clearly states how they will handle social media posts, there should be no gray areas that would then require The National Labor Relations Board to step in.

My advice is to refrain from commenting on employers’ behavior, work conditions or anything negatively related to work. If you feel the need to “vent” write it down in a journal or talk to a coworker. It is unnecessary to share that information with the world, especially with so much uncertainty on what is actually allowed and what is not. Although The National Labor Relations Board is working hard to protect employees’ freedom of speech, social media posts can still help you lose a job.

Here are a few tweets a reporter from the Arizona Daily Star decided to tweet and got fired for:

Aug. 27: “You stay homicidal, Tucson. See Star Net for the bloody deets.”

Aug. 30: “What?!?!? No overnight homicide? WTF? You’re slacking Tucson.”

Here is a link to a tweet by Chrysler Auto that caused some scrutiny:,d.cGE&psig=AFQjCNFl9zgfHdXR8EFUe66wJEXq45NV6Q&ust=1369078101496437


One thought on “Can Facebook posts get you fired?

  1. Great post, it’s crazy how many people post such ridiculous stuff without even thinking how it can hurt them or their job.
    -Chad Williams

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