Twitter Conversation on Thurs 5/16

By: Ashley Dalmy (@ashleydalmy), Chris Hiett (@chris_hiett), Baron Holmes (@HarryHolmes), and Meghan Goolsby (@MeghanGoolsby1)


On Thursday, May 16, Jason Glaspey (@jasonglaspey) made a presentation to our marketing class. We used the hashtag #MKTG199SMM because everyone was connected through it.  It provided us the biggest audience, making it easy for everyone to contribute. 


Jason Glaspey is an entreprenuer, he loves tiny startup, the kind without funding. He came to class to tell his story of his many startup business ,and projects, he created on the internet including,, PIE, urban airship,,,, and many more. 


  1. #MKTG199SMM asking some great questions to @jasonglaspey . What are everyones thoughts and take-aways about the great information provided?

     Retweeted by Ashley Dalmy


  2. 17 year old Nick Haley created the iPod Touch commercial! Imagine what we could do! What’s your inspiration? #MKTG199SMM @MKTG199SMM



  3. “the Internet is a source of hope” –@jasonglaspey How has the Internet been your “source of hope”? #MKTG199SMM



  4. #MKTG199SMM @MKTG199SMM hey class! check out these articles I posted about our speaker @jasonglaspey tomorrow! @JessycaLewis


  1. What are your thoughts on @jasonglaspey presentation ? @MKTG199SMM #MKTG199SMM



  2. Here’s the website  , give it a try how is it ? @MKTG199SMM #MKTG199SMM



  3.  find your happy hour @MKTG199SMM #MKTG199SMM

    The websites he helped create .

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