May 14 Twitter Conversation

Jamie Shelton (@jamie_m_shelton) , Matthew Shepherd (@mattjshep), Nick Schade (@nschadey), Kevin Corbin (@kevlarcorbin) and Kevin Aloui (@alouigator).

On May 14, we were in charge of managing the Twitter conversation for the MKTG199 class. We used the usual class hashtag, #mktg199smm, and another hashtag for the day, #may14smm.

First, Jessyca Lewis gave us a lecture about “digital dirt”. Digital dirt includes all the things you post online that can be considered inappropriate or too personal, and that can be found by potential or current employers. The lecture provoked a lot of reactions from the class on Twitter. It peaked when Jessyca showed some digital dirt she found about students from the class, and how easy it was to find.

Students came to a realization that they should be careful when they’re posting, and @ChadCwill3 even gave a tip to clean digital dirt.

Then two groups gave presentations. The first one was Foursquare. @jaylaird3 made a demonstration of how it works.

The class really liked the coupons system but still needs to be convinced, several of them referred to the bad management of Groupon.

The last presentation was about Soundcloud. The class was less active during that presentation but the conversation kept going on.


Overall the conversation was really active during class, the students reacted a lot to the lecture and the presentations. The digital dirt lecture was a topic that was easy to tweet about as we are all concerned about it. Most students expressed their opinion about it.


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