Everybody is Watching

On  May 14th, our MKTG 199 class went over a crucial tip that everyone should take into account; Social etiquette. Etiquette is defined as ‘code of behavior that delineates expectations for social behavior according to contemporary conventional norms within a society, social class, or group”. With the rapid advancement of technology, communication has been instantaneous and public…very public. You could think of the popular social networking website, Facebook, as the high school cafeteria on drugs. Rumors spread like wildfire in high school, and the cafeteria serves as a petri dish for a spawning point for such slanderous lies about one’s life. Now imagine that 100x. That is what the internet has become today. Whatever material is posted, it instantaneously slingshots into the abyss of cyberspace unreachable and forever embedded in stone.

You may be thinking that it’ll never happen to you, but that is exactly what was going through my head during my freshmen year. Just like any kid out of high school, I was ready to be free from the chains of my parent’s control. Once freshmen year started, I was blown away by how abundant the access of alcohol was. Naive, foolish, and full of so much pride because I was drinking a Keystone Light, I mistakenly posted a crude photo of myself shotgunning the shiny blue and silver can with my roommate. After uploading it to Facebook, many likes ensued, and the wild Friday night was soon forgotten (I blame the alcohol). That was until the summer after freshmen year when I was applying for many jobs because I spent all my money on cheap beer. I went to many interviews until I found a great job working at a bookstore. Nice atmosphere, good hours, decent wage, and a good-looking boss. I thought I had landed the job, until the picture of me chugging always smooth Keystone somehow found its way to the manager of the store. I was dumbfounded, shocked, appalled, and numb with the idea that something in my past could haunt me for the rest of my life. I didn’t realize that the things you upload to social networking sites could be used for jobs, schooling, and just about anything.

Watch what you post online, and watch this video on social networking etiquette: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ukdyp9o6rg4

Steven Ng@duckingsteven


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