Blog Post 5/14/2013 by Krissy Adkins

Kristen Adkins @krissyadkins


Blog Post 5/14/2013-Week 7


            Topics during class on May 14th included Foursquare Application and cleaning up your social media profiles. I was very interested by Jessyca Lewis’ presentation about how inappropriate posts can affect your future. I never knew it was so easy for an employer to search for inappropriate posts and things I have written. It really makes me want to clean up all of my profiles, however I have a feeling that will take a lot of time. It was hilarious to see some of the inappropriate posts that fellow classmates had written. The examples of Oregon athletes’ posts were also very interesting to read and learn about.


            In the article, “College Students: Clean Up Your Act on Social Media” by Paul Rinella (, Facebook and Twitter are discussed focusing on college students. In the first paragraph of this article, Paul states, “A recent study reveals that 9/10 employers will check social media profiles of job applicants.” This was a great way to catch me as a reader because I have had more than five jobs and I never thought that any of them would check my social media profiles.


            The first presentation, Foursquare, was a really great presentation. I thought it was extremely helpful that Jay used the app in front of us and showed us all how to check in with tags and pictures, specials, announcements, link to Twitter and Facebook, etc. Posting about his presentation with tags of his group and a picture of the class was a great way to show off the application. I don’t know many friends that use foursquare but I think I would enjoy using it if my friends got into it also. I thought this was one of the best presentations all year. It did lack use of videos so here is a review that I found of Foursquare:


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