Be Careful What You Post by Tiara Prince

Recently in class we discussed the inappropriate usage of social media. At any given time I can log on to any of my social media accounts and see multiple inappropriate posts  . Most of these tweets would get these people fired or make them unemployable. which is ironic because majority of these tweets are in the form of subtweets (tweets about something or someone without directly using their names). I scrolled throw my times line and found may tweets that were inappropriate but these were the most noteworthy:

“The human body burns 3-6 calories when your nipples becomes hard”
“I was just so close to eating shit in the shower #reasonstonotdrinkintheshower”
“in serious need of a xanax or adderall…like no joke”
“He looked like a gay pimp Easter egg”
“I hate Taylor Swift I’d stab her in the face…three times”
“Last night was a struggle”
“if my kid ever whispers I see dead people he’s going to be put up for adoption the next day #possessed”
“If by on a good level you mean not remembering shit then yeah, I was on a great level”
What many people fail to realize is that even though you may not have directly tweeted or posted inappropriate things onto your social media account. You can be guilty by association, by liking, retweeting, or favoriting inappropriate things, employers can see that you support these ideas and the behaviors that the person is expressing.  Before this class I have found myself often tweeting inappropriate things, and commenting on other posts that would potential ruin my reputation to future employers. In order to change the way in which people view me based upon my social media accounts I have recently gone through my pages and taken down any inappropriate or offensive material.
some wise words to live by:

“What if you woke up with amnesia and all you could remember was your twitter password and you had to discover who you were based off your tweets”

Stop tweeting inappropriate things, and learn how to use social media effectively.

Twitter ID @Tprince11

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