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Overall this class has further advanced my knowledge of the power of social media usage from both a business and personal aspect. It is amazing how our nation and world is barely on the cusp of utilizing social media to its full potential. What has intrigued me the most during my time in this class has been the actual readings from the text book. The fact that there are actually textbooks defining the terms of social media is extremely incredible for my generation. Social media has been second nature to myself and my peers and I am now realizing there are even career paths through a medium I always used “for fun” when I’m bored. Seeing the various terms associated with social media has definitely altered my perception of what I can use social media for. Defining the different people who add to social has definitely been the most intriguing. It makes me wonder “where do I lay?” in the immense web of connections online. I definitely see myself using certain social media platforms more than others and I realize how influential my peers are to me. I also believe social media has allowed our generation to be much more proficient in non-verbal communication, which holds some value in our society. I am excited to see what the future holds for social media and how I could potentially use my skills to work in the industry, or at least benefit from it. I also wonder of social media will someday cease to exist as quickly as it blew up. There is some much potential danger with online interactions. Online criminal activity is a huge industry which could be eliminated. I would hope that social media would continue to add value to our lives but it does take away from actually physical interactions which is arguably more important.

Kevin Corbin
Twitter: @kevlarcorbin

Here is a video I found very interesting:


One thought on “Kevin Corbin Blog Post

  1. I thought that was a really good video! thanks for posting it! And i completely agree; social media IS our generations 2nd nature and its interesting to be learning about the marketing side rather than be a consumer.

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