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In marketing 199 class on May 9, Mellisa Barker who is the social media manager of “Jive Software ” talked about  branding yourself  through  LinkedIn as a guest speaker. She really know much about social media and she says “I eat, sleep, and breathe social media” according to her website. Also, she seems to believe that social media and marketing in general may be seen as a soft science, but numbers have to be used, metrics are key, and proving ROI is critical.


Mellisa Barker taked about “Branding Yourself” with LinkedIn and told us the importance of it if you do job hunting. She says that almost 80 percent of company use LinkedIn for recruiting , so accordingly making good profile on LinkedIn is very important to have opportunities to get a job. She told us a lot of details about making good profile and eapecially I got interested in Basic elements to success branding yourself on LinkedIn’s profile. There are four elements you should add on your profile. They are,

1 what do you want out of social media?

2What do you want to be known for?

3 What digits assets do you have now?

4 What digits assets do you need and want to have?

It seems that including these elements on LinkedIn’s profile is very important to attract employers and tell yourself exactly. They are unexpected points for me. In order to make good profile, I m going to keep these elements in my mind when I remake my profile on LinkedIn.

More inportantly, she told us keys to success branding yourself. The first one is “making network a habit”, which emphasizes inportance of connection of people. The second one is “Personalize your profile“,which means that it is important not to lose genuine yourself. Third one is “Organize it”  which means that tags are secret categories you can use to organize your connections. The fourth one is “Add an email address to email signature, business card, and other social medias. The fifth one is “consistent engagement”, which means you should use network at least 15 minutes every day.

By the way, I noticed that LinkedIn is not popular in my home country, Japan. Look at the diagram below.


As  you can see, it seems that the number stands at just below 370,000, which is 10% of Facebook’s current user base in  Japan. Google Trends for websites shows that with regards to traffic on PCs, LinkedIn is a niche site in Japan.  I learned that LinkedIn is popular in United States and frequently used as a tool of job hunting, but it is not still popular in all over the world.

Sources: http://www.melissabarker.com/


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