Hello class my name is Olivia Kalk and I will be sharing with you all about Stublisher. Stublisher is a social media company started by Billy Vinton, Kyle Banuelos, and Zachary Collins. Vinton and Banuelos came to our Marketing 199 class today to tell us about their company and what it is that they do as well as how they started.

Stublisher is essentially an app/online tool that compiles memories of certain events using Instagram. The idea is to hold all of your pictures, as well as pictures from other people at those same events, in one place. It is the digital age’s scrapbook. 

Compiling photo and video memories online seems to be such a big trend in social media lately the question is, is it here to stay?  Aren’t websites such as Photobucket and Flickr the same as Stublisher? All three websites do have the same main concept but what makes Stublisher stand out above the crowd?

It’s the culture. In our class presentation Vinton said, “culture is so important”. The culture he was referring to is the culture of social media. Instagram has become a dominant photography app and the culture that surrounds it is what makes it such a popular form of social media. The use of filters on photos and being able to share photos and gather likes is what Instagram users thrive on. Now with Stublisher users can get all their photos together from Instagram and organize them by events. This way we can explore the world in a way we never have before.

After my own exploration of Stublisher I can say that it is an app with great potential. I love the idea and the execution and layout is great. It reminds me of photo albums my mom used to make for out family vacations, all of our memories held in one book. Stublisher may not be exactly the same as a homemade scrapbook but the idea is there and I believe the more personal side of it will come with time. I think that we are embracing the future of storing memories and Stublisher will be in that future.


For more information about the background of the app and what others are saying about it check out this article from The Oregonian: 

The official Stublisher website is here:

My personal twitter:








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