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In Marketing 199 today, we had Melissa Barker, the social media manager for ‘Jive Software,’ come into our class as a guest speaker to discuss the topic of branding yourself through social media- specifically on the professional networking site, LinkedIn. Like many other college students, the topic of “job searching” during and, most importantly, after college is constantly on our minds and with the popularity of social media, it is no surprise that we have turned to technology to help us out during this hunt.

The purpose of LinkedIn, is in sum: business to business marketing through recruiting and personal branding. Melissa Barker discussed in her presentation of the importance of using the website to its full potential to truly understand the point of LinkedIn as well as “getting out what you put in.”

To do this, Melissa broke down the website into three parts in her powerpoint: “Building your Profile,” “Building your Network,” and “Job Search.” In her last slide, she summarized her presentation with what she calls the “Key to Success:” (side note: here is an infographic pulled from The Undercover Recruiter of her mentioned points below)

  1. Make networking a habit (“It isn’t what you know, it’s who you know;” Add coworkers, friends/family, group members/other social media contacts, etc.)
  2. Personalize your profile (Along with the website gearing towards professionalism, it is important to “not lose your voice” by remaining genuine)
  3. Organize it (“Tags are secret categories you can use to organize your connections)
  4. Popularize and gain traffic to your profile (Add your “easy to remember” profile URL at the end of your email signatures, business cards, and other social media pages)
  5. Participate daily (“Make it a routine to check in for 15 minutes every morning!” This is process is done by clearing your inbox, adding people you have met in the last 24 hours, posting status updates, and participating and joining groups)

As mentioned during her “Building your Network” presentation and what can be noted in her “Key to Success” slide, she stressed on the importance of being a true “member” of the website. Therefore, it is not to be noted that just by following these simple steps that you will have offers coming at you the minute you save your profile. Though, it’s a good jump start of being a member of LinkedIn, the key purpose is to stay active with effort.

The website was created for a reason, and many users, it is okay to go above and beyond to make your profile better than the rest- after all, you are practically competing against other users to impress your dream company’s recruiter to get the job you want later on. And all of this can be done by taking full advantage of the costless tools that are already on the website and being an active member.

Melissa Barker boasted during her presentation on the success rate of users who have participated in her seminars and followed through with her template of success on LinkedIn. After receiving an insightful, 20-minute presentation by her, I, like the rest of my class, will definitely be putting these tips to good use!

So, how many of you LinkedIn users have gained success from consistently using the website? Will you be following the tips provided by today’s expert? Let me know in the comments below!




– Naomi Vo

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