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In class yesterday, Jessyca Lewis made a presentation about the different generations in our society. As a class we talked about multiple ways to target market these different groups of people. In order to target market your audience, one needs to figure out the interests of these people. When they were born, where in life they are now, their hobbies, and many other things can affect the way you market to them. I’m specifically going to talk about the baby boomers, which are the older generation we talked about in class.


This is an example picture of baby boomers. They were born between 1946 through 1964. They represent 75 million Americans, which is the largest category out of the generations. They hold 80% of the wealth in America. This makes them a large target audience for companies to sell their products. Good ways to market to the baby boomers is through any type of news channel, newspapers, reading apps on an Ipad, the hallmark channel on TV, magazines like National Geographic and Bon Appetit. Baby boomers are not very involved with technology except using Facebook and other social media websites to connect with old friends and family members who are more technologically advanced.

The video above shows the characteristics and atributs of the baby boomers.

Baby boomers differ from millenials and generation Z because those generations are very technology savvy. Millenials and generation Z’s marketing is predominantely through social media and Internet because they usually spend around 70% of their time surfing the web.

Throughout the discussion, we noticed a difference between outdated commercials and newer commercials. The new commercials favor towards equality and uniting every race together. Seeing that the baby boomers lived through the most changing time in history, they would be attracted to this. Nowadays, the baby boomers are attracted to marketing towards their fitting characteristic. Target marketing is imperative to be successful in today’s business world.

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2 thoughts on “Chris Hiett’s Blog Post

  1. Good post, it is interesting to think about how different generations have such different qualities. What was important in past generations may not benefit our generation in the same way. The value of a college degree is diminishing and people are making money in different ways. It will be interesting to see how future generations evolve.

    Thomas O’Connor

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