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In class today, May 7th, we began by listening to Jessyca Lewis’s presentation about Target Demographics. We discussed the different types of generations in our society and how to market most effectively towards these groups. The product you are marketing affects where and how you should market. Defining and gaining more information about the target audience is imperative in being successful in today’s markets.


The picture above shows multiple generations in our society.

You can break up your target audience in various ways, but the way we discussed our demographics was through the different generations. The first generation we discussed was the Baby Boomers, which were born between 1946-1964. They are about 80% of the wealth in America, making them a huge target audience. We discussed various ways to market to them through newspapers, any news channel on TV, iBooks/Kindle app on an iPad, classic rock or oldies radio stations, etc.

Generation X was born during 1965-1980 and have around 40 million consumers. Generation X is a highly connected generation in terms of Internet and TV, making them easy to target. Family oriented marketing styles are going to be the most efficient with Generation X.

Millenials or Generation Y was born during 1981-1995 and have 60 million consumers. This group is very technologically savvy, causing target marketing to be very easy. The most effective marketing would be through social media because that’s where they spend most of their time.

Generation Z was born during 1995-2010 and have 60 million consumers. They spend on average 72 hours on some sort of electronic, allowing them to be easily targetted through social media, internet, and TV. Associating child celebrities, such as Justin Bieber, is a popular tactic.

This is a fascinating video about the generation millenials sticking together to make a brighter future for our society. They refer to it as “generation we,” giving us inspiration to work together and fix our world’s problems.

Lastly, I am attaching a hyperlink to an article that shows how each generation typically performs in a career setting and other facts. It also compares Canada to the United States. It’s very interesting to see how each generation is so different.



Jessyca Lewis’s Presentation

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