Google Plus:Ghost Town or Next Big Thing?- Caitlyn Kawamura

Google Plus was started in 2011 and in 2013 it surpassed twitter, making it the second largest social media site. Having over 500 million users, being apart of Google and a fairly new social media site with new ways of interaction makes it seem that everyone should have an account and should be more popular than Facebook, however that is not the case. In fact most of the users are not active users or are unaware that they even have an account. For example When signing into your g-mail you are automatically signed up for Google plus.

There are a lot of positive and new aspects that Google plus offers, such as circles, hangouts, Google+ games, and Google+ events. The events are like the ones you do on Facebook except you can live stream it, upload pictures instantly and that page is always there so it’s like a virtual scrapbook. The circles allow you to put certain friends and family members in separate groups. So you get to control which group of people get to see certain posts and pictures. Just like many other social media sites, Google plus is connected through Facebook and Twitter.Google Plus is all social media sites combined. It takes ideas and make them better.

Google Plus is geared mainly towards businesses. It is a good platform for marketing. Many of the typical users of social media don’t like Google plus because not many people they know are on it and if they are they don’t use it. Everything Google Plus offers can be found on more mainstream websites. Also because there is so much to learn and can seem complicated. The lingo is complex and confusing. The target audience of most social media sites make it so that everything is easy and user friendly.Though this may be true, Google plus is more organized and professional looking and you never really know what may be the next “big thing” will be.images

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