Ashley Dolinar blog post about tumblr

Hey class! My name is Ashley Dolinar. You can follow me on twitter at @ashleydolinar and linkedIn Ashley Dolinar.
Last week in class we listened to a group presentation about tumblr. Tumblr is as micro-blogging site that allows the user to post pictures, quotes, videos, links, and even stories to their own profile. This profile has a set up much like myspace in the sense that you can change the background theme to fit your personality.
Tumblr was first introduced in 2006 and in February of 2007 it was launched. Within the first 2 weeks, Tumblr already had 75,000 users.
Tumblr itself consists of a homepage which has a running dashboard of all the recent posts of yourself and the blogs you are following. There is a like button and a reblog button which is what Tumblr is known for. The reblog button allows for you to repost things that others have posted. These posts show up on your blog which is completely customizable to fit your personality. There is even a queue setting that allows the user to delay posts from being posted until a certain time. These posts can even be delayed for up to a few days.
Tumblr currently gets upwards of 15 billion views a day and is now one of the largest social media websites today.


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