Using Instagram to Instagrow your Business-Nick Domenigoni

People that start their own business may find it difficult to keep their business running while first getting started. Approximately 30% of small business owners close down within the first two years. In order to stand a chance in today’s realm of business with social media taking over as society’s top marketing platform one must utilize social media platforms to the best of their ability.

For those of you who may not know, Instagram is a social media photo sharing app where users can upload and search photos, follow their friends, celebrities, and businesses. Instagram has currently over 90 million people using the app monthly with that number growing monthly.

Instagram can be a great resource for businesses to interact with the population. Using the app can give the audience an actual face to represent with the company and not just a product or a name. Post a few pictures of you and your employees and their work space. Let the people get to know you and your business. This only attracts more consumers to your business.

Companies such as Sephora have uploaded photos of what their products can do and how they look on you before you buy. They sort of give you a sneak peek. Make sure that the photos you upload appeal to the audience or else it will do the exact opposite of what you hope for.


Companies like Oliver Winery have given consumers a behind the scenes of how their products are made by posting pictures of the bottling process. This is great within small businesses because most of the time it involves you and maybe a few employees creating the product. Customers like to see when hard work and time are put into each product. They can see that the product isn’t just mass produced and each one is hand made.

oliver winery

In conclusion have your Instagram be user friendly, relate to your consumers. Post pictures regarding coupons and special offers, and post wisely!

Nick Domenigoni

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