Are there too many social media sites?

Personally I find it hard to juggle anymore than 3 social media websites: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. After the presentations about Tumblr and Google+ this week I became really interested in using my tumblr and google+ accounts more than I do currently. But I am discouraged by the limited people on google+, I also feel that google+ is a better fit for people who own a business or working in a professional world.
One day I hope that the social media sites begin to merge together to make one mega social media site. Imagine how powerful it would be. There could be niche markets within the site to serve the separate populations (like business/professional people, people wanting to just connect with their friends, etc.) Teenagers want different things than adults so there could be setting to personalize your page to show what you want and serve your social media needs.
We can already link our accounts together by making new accounts by logging in through our existing Twitter and Facebook accounts. Why not put them all together in one page? I would love a way to see all my media information and posts and pictures in one convenient location. Maybe one day the founders and CEOs of the current social media websites will come together to create one powerful social media space that everyone can use.

social media cube

-Morgan Gensler


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