The Evolving World

Jackson Steven Cabanatuan

Social Media is taking over the world. Some would say that this is an exaggeration but the truth of the matter is that sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and countless others are changing everything. Everything from business to journalism has been revolutionized by the changing landscape of the way people gain access and share information. Social media really is everywhere. If you need more convincing watch this recent Jack in the Box Commercial.

This ad, while funny, shows how important social media is becoming in every industry. Businesses are realizing that traditional advertising is no longer satisfactory. People simply don’t gather interact with information the same way that they used to.
Smartphones, laptops, and Ipads have given users the whole world at their fingertips. Information reaches a person almost immediately. Companies can’t wait for their customers to sit down and watch a commercial on TV or look at an ad in the paper. To fully grasp the influence social media has on the world we need only look at the Twitter hack on the Associated Press that occurred on April 23.
The Associated Press, which has over 1.9 million followers sent this tweet at approximately 12:07pm eastern time.This hack resulted in a massive panic across the country. Mere moments after the hack took place the Dow Jones industrial average dropped 143 points. The picture above shows that within a minute this particular tweet had been retweeted nearly 1,500 times. This shows the extreme power that social media gives to the people. It also illustrates the danger that simple and effective information sharing brings. Less than 140 characters, retweeted and shared by the people of the world, nearly derailed the stock market of the world’s most powerful nation. This type of hack is practically inconceivable on the television or in print. The internet allows all of the people of the world to operate on the same plane.

Social Media is changing the world.Every person in the world with access to a computer or smartphone is a journalist as well as a critic. The inter-connectivity that new technology has given us is forcing the world as we know it to evolve. With this evolution comes great opportunities as well as new and unique challenges.


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