April 30th Twitter Converstation (Google Plus & Tumblr)

Google Plus and Tumblr Presentations

Brittany Baird @brittanyybaird, Jessica Holman @JessicaHolman14, Emily Motsch @EmilyMotsch

On April 30th 2013 in class we heard presentations on Google Plus and Tumblr. We initiated a twitter conversation on the presentations and continued it throughout class. We took the route of discussing who is interested in these social websites, why it may not be so popular, and if they are easy to navigate.
The Google plus presentation was really good. They themselves gave their personal opinion of Google Plus. They said, and we agree, that it is difficult to navigate through. We all agreed that this social media would be helpful for business and companies. It could group certain titles together, so a managerial position would really get a lot out of the social circles. It is not a very popular website among young adults and we do not think it will be, because we already have so many ways to communicate with each other.

Google Plus Conversation:
Jessica Holman- It seems like #google+ would be especially helpful to entrepreneurs and other people trying to gain connections @MKTG199SMM

Brittany Baird- @JessicaHolman14 @MKTG199SMM I agree with that but I do not think that teenagers would like to use this as much.

Jessica Holman- @BrittanyyBaird @MKTG199SMM especially because it seems confusing to use. If its not clear how it will benefit you, teenagers wont use it!

Brittany Baird- @JessicaHolman14 @MKTG199SMM @EmilyMotsch I agree it is too confusisng and there is a lack of demand for social media sites!

The presentation for Tumblr was equally as informative as the Google plus presentation. We learned a lot about why Tumblr became so successful and a major factor of that was the registering process. The process to sign up for Tumblr is easy and fast. They don’t ask too many questions, they let you express who you are through your posts. The fact that Tumblr is first and foremost a visual forum for social media we thought played a huge role in its success with young people and teenagers. We believe that Tumblr became as popular as it is today due to that reason.

Tumblr Conversation:
Jessica Holman- @MKTG199SMM the fact that #tumblr is almost exclusively a visual forum attracts teenage audiences much more successfully than #google+

Emily Motsch- @JessicaHolman14 @mktg199smm tumblr is basically a forum to make ur brand visual! Popular to business as well as teens!! #betterthangoogle+

Brittany Baird- @EmilyMotsch @JessicaHolman14 @MKTG199SMM I agree with you guys. Younger audiences want to be entertained and brands are willing to do it!


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