Social Media Community

Joey Burgard
30, April 2013
Social Community

As social media continues to transcend our expectations of what is possible through digital communication and marketing, we are finding ourselves using social media as mediums in new methods on a consistent basis. Sharing ideas, photos, videos, music and almost any other form of information or media imaginable has never been as accessible as it is today with social media. The transformation of social media from our old school AOL Instant Messenger to what is now possible with Facebook alone is quite a drastic change in a relation to the relatively short time period in which it took place.
What we have seen and been a part of though, is an amazing development of a social community and an increased control of what we want our community to be. We can now connect with all the people we meet and know in our real life in a virtual community and organizing them into groups so we can be specific with how we communicate with them. Social media has even allowed interactions between distant communities, from across the globe, to share ideas and knowledge. These are both pretty revolutionary concepts.
But what stands out the most to me, is the way social media has added so much context to what we consider to be our community. Before being able to add our friends to lists where we have direct access to their digital lives, our communities were pretty much based around where we lived. We interacted with people who lived in close proximity with us and the idea of community was rooted in those people and around where we lived. With social media though, we can actually stretch our community beyond the boundaries of those in our immediate proximity and can have just as much information about what is happening in the community as we do in our local community. This is an amazing way to consider the idea of community and how we belong and interact within one. I truly wonder though, how much smaller can the world really become?


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