The founder of GadgetTrak, Ken Westin, came to our class on April 25th and gave an amazing presentation. He came up with GadgetTrak which is an anti-theft software that you can download on your phone, computer, camera or other random electronics and it will take a picture of the theif and send it to GadgetTrak to work with the police. Some people may say, “who cares, i have find my iPhone” but that can only specify within 50-100 meters of accuracy while GadgetTrak can give you accuracy within 10-20 meters. Also find my iPhone can only work with apple products like iPhone and iPad and it won’t help find your camera or laptop. If someone stole your computer for example the software would work like this, the next time the theif opens up your laptop the camera will snap a picture of the mystery man and GadgetTrak will then receive the picture and try to work with the police. Not only does this product work great in finding and retrieving stolen goods but it also helps take criminals off of the street. Most of the time if someone is stealing a laptop or some other electronic then it is something they do often and the police could possibly find bigger busts. Here is a great video to show how GadgetTrak can be way more helpful then any regular old police investigation.

This video goes to show how impressive and helpful GadgetTrak truly is. The camera was filed for police investigation for over a year with no luck and then this guy decides to try GadgetTrak and he finds his camera through photos posted on facebook and flickr. I feel that Ken started a great product and business and he can go a long way. Recovery of stolen electronics seems to be one of the hardest things now a days and Ken found a way to solve this problem. It’s so crazy to see how he started this whole thing off as just a free recovery process because he wanted to help people and do what he loved and now he found out he could make money off of it and took off.

Here is the link to their company blog:

Here are the links to my:


Written By: Chad Williams


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