Ken Westin – GadgetTrak


Above: Example of phone interface.

On April 25, Ken Westin, the founder of GadgetTrak, made a very informative visit to our class. GadgetTrak is anti-theft software, which is meant to track your phone, camera, laptop, computer, etc… Its main function is to track down a lost device, or catch the criminal who may have stole the device. GadgetTrak succeeds in precision tracking of a device, within 10 to 20 meters, as well as providing picture taking capabilities to make catching the person behind a possible crime a much simpler task. Many different news outlets have mentioned GadgetTrak, such as, Dateline NBC, Good Morning America, New York Times, Forbes, TechCrunch, The Economist, and many more left to mention. He has made deals with companies to help them with tracking, and serves as an anti-theft expert for a couple local news outlets as well. He mentioned that he did not intend to make an abundance of money, but instead pursued his passion, and success followed. I feel like a company like Ken’s can go a long way, due to it being linked with all of these high tech devices. People covet their cell phones, laptops, and cameras, for good reason. GadgetTrak allows them the best chance to recover any lost or stolen devices due to it’s one of a kind features. There will be many people saying good things about GadgetTrak once it has saved their device, and will turn to social media to spread the word.

Here is the link to their company blog:

Here is a video of Ken Westin on FOX News:

Here are the links to my:



Written by: Amir Kamali


One thought on “Ken Westin – GadgetTrak

  1. How awesome is this guy and his business. He started off doing it for free just because it’s what he liked to do and then he realized he could make money out of it. Also GadgetTrak seems extremely helpful and worth getting. -Chad Williams

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