Digital Marketing in the Super Bowl Era – Matt McCumsey

This year’s Super Bowl was a classic example that effective digital marketing is still very much alive and well. As most of you are probably aware, Super Bowl XLVII experienced some technical difficulties when half of the stadium lights went out shortly after halftime. What does this have to do with digital marketing? Well a few companies were quick on their feet and came up with some very clever ads that left a big impression on the internet. But more importantly to the companies responsible, those ads spread through word-of-mouth beyond the likes of Twitter and Facebook, and into face-to-face conversations (and hopefully your wallet if the companies were successful).

To show you what I mean, take a look at Oreo. Very shortly after the lights went out in the Mercedes-Benz Super Dome, Oreo sent out this tweet:


It got almost 15,000 retweets within a few moments of being posted. For a little joke about a cookie, that’s pretty amazing.


Another company that took advantage of the blackout opportunity was Tide with this tweet:


So why is this sort of digital marketing important?  Because it provides an opportunity for brands to break through the constant barrage of ads that we’re faced with every day. Ads carry a negative connotation with them, as most people find them impersonal and just plain annoying. However, when done right, ads can leave an impression with which companies can build on. The Super Bowl “blackout ads” are a perfect example of this. I say that because these “real-time” ads show consumers that these brands are more than just  corporate machines. They’re paying attention to the same events that consumers are, and by interacting and engaging with those consumers in a unique and genuine way, they’re gaining an invaluable connection that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.


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One thought on “Digital Marketing in the Super Bowl Era – Matt McCumsey

  1. This proves how quickly news can spread through social meida. In the video we watched last class the guy was talking about how quickly news spread about the earthquake in China through socail media. The news is not able to keep up. – Brittany Baird

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