Privacy Issues Unlocked: How to make your Iphone work with you


Ken Westin, the founder of GadgetTrak visited our class on Thursday, April 25th. Ken’s idea was to create software that was easy to use and inexpensive to protect technology theft. This software takes a picture of whoever has stolen the laptop, IPad, or IPhone in order to find the criminal. Although this technology is useful, it got me wondering how much our IPhones are using our personal information against us. How can I make my IPhone safe, and useable?

Phone tapping is commonly used today so we must figure out how to keep ourselves safe. The GPS is useful in some cases, but harmful if someone is able to track you for the wrong reasons. The first way to keep yourself safe is to know the ways in which your phone is being tapped.

Battery Life- Is your IPhone suddenly going through battery more than normal? This can happen when we have too many apps running, but if your phone has just been sitting on your bedside table radiating with heat, your phone is probably getting tapped.

Strange Noises- If there is static noise in the background of your phone conversation then be careful. Beeping and echoing can also be a sign of phone tapping.

Weird Signs- Should your phone suddenly turn on, or receive a jumbled text message your phone might be tapped. Your phone can be tapped even if you are not using it, so listen to your gut if something seems weird. Any strange charges on your bill should also be monitored.

If we are smart IPhone users, we can keep these tips in mind in order to stay safe. Besides GadgetTrak, there are some other apps that can be installed to insure safety.

My Panic Alarm- A free app that allows users to send an alarm when you’re in trouble. Anyone in the area will get a notice so you can be helped.

SOS iEmergency- This app works with hospitals, police and fire stations. In an emergency just press he button and it automatically sends a message with your location.

There are more apps that will light up, take pictures of the attackers or make loud sounds and you can find out more about these apps at

In this day and technology age, it is important to learn the safety tips to an IPhone. Remember, no one can tap your phone with the battery out, so you can remove the battery if you are concerned. Install Apps that are useful to your safety in order to make the best out of your IPhone.

-Selah Shepherd


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