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Gadget Track

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This past Thursday April 26th, Ken Westin, the founder of GadgetTrak spoke to our class about internet security and product recovery. He mixed his humor and expertise to entertain and inform us of the other side of using social media. Security on the internet has always been an interesting topic. As the industry has progressed with new technology, people have founds ways to track down stolen property. Westin’s application when downloaded allows the user to access their stolen property to take pictures or use tracking technology to track down phones, computers or even cameras. Specifically, through the use of social media platforms for photo sharing, GadgetTrak has used serial numbers through photographs being uploaded to these platforms to track down these cameras. Working with authorities, users can then find these culprits.
Other ways Westin’s application has garnered attention is through social media. GadgetTrak has had press coverage throughout the years on popular social blogs and technology websites. His idea has made the popular list on the site “Digg” and other trending websites and essentially went viral through various outlets. A full list of their press coverage can be found here,

This video shows the application in action in Albuquerque, NM. A local news outlet covers the story of the customer’s recovery of his mother’s stolen laptop. The application captured photos and the location of the suspect.
GadgetTrak is a revolutionary technology that allows everyday people to recover expensive pieces of equipment from those who have taken it from them. The simple and cheap application became viral through social media outlets and has spread through many popular and even through the words of celebrities. Westin spoke of a celebrity on twitter who advocated his application through a tweet and his revenue on that day hit a humongous spike. Social media has allowed us to communicate and suggest new technology to each other faster than ever.


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