Matt Harvey – New App Is Vine By Me

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There’s been a recent buzz about the new mobile app that is beginning to trend known as Vine. I know we have discussed all of the cool functions of the popular app in previous posts, but I’m curious to see how companies start capitalizing on this trend to reach their consumers, especially those hipsters of the younger demographic. With a target market that seems to have an attention span that gets shorter and shorter, a brief 6 second clip seems like the perfect time length to either inform potential customers of a new product, get them excited about an upcoming giveaway, or simply give them a quick laugh to stay relevant in the back of their minds.
As a “Viner” myself, I’m excited that I can follow all of my favorite celebrities and artists and be even more in touch with what they’re currently doing and what the latest trends are. When watching a Vine, I am 100% engaged for those 6 seconds, sometimes even longer if I keep watching the Vine. If a clothing company were able to get their logo in a popular celebrities Vine, they would have that much more exposure to an audience that is heavily influenced by that particular endorser. I’m also excited to see how my favorite companies and brands utilize this new app to promote giveaways and deals they have coming up. Here is a link to show what different businesses and artists are already coming out with to promote themselves:

As you can see, it’s already entertaining to see all of the cool ways that businesses are using this product to promote themselves. Vine really seems to have the potential to be the next great marketing platform for businesses, and it is completely original. It’s different from Twitter because it’s visual, and you don’t have to follow any links. It’s different from Facebook because it’s more than just a picture that I filter through, along with the rest of the garbage on my timeline. The best comparison I can think of to Vine is Instagram on steroids, and as the App works some of the kinks out, I’m excited to see how powerful Vine marketing becomes.

If you want to learn how to make cool and unique vines yourself, check out this video for some pointers!


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