Thomas O’Connor Blog Post 1: Vine App

vine2Thomas O’Connor. Follow me on twitter and instagram @thomasociv and linkin with me on Linkedin!


Vine is a new video app owned by twitter that is becoming very popular, especially in the college demographic. A simple way to describe the function of vine is “it is the video form of instagram.” Vine is similar to instagram, only without the filters and photo edits. Vine’s simplicity makes it very popular because anyone can use it at any time. It works by the touch of your fingertip, when you put pressure on the screen it records and when you remove pressure the recording pauses. Vine had a rough start. In the first few months of this app’s existence it has accumulated a lot of controversy due to misuse by some of its’ users. Pornagraphic and other inappropriate posts have caused Vine to limit its availability strictly to people over the age of 17. Despite Vine’s rough start, it has now climbed its way up to the number one most popular free app. Vine gives users the ability to create videos consisting of compilations of short clips in a simple and fun way. Vine, like many new apps is receiving a lot of feedback from users. After reading through many reviews it seems that most people find the app to be fun and entertaining but in need of some improvements. Users would like an update consisting of the ability to use the front camera lens, ability to make profiles private, faster loading of videos, and the ability to tag other users in comments. Vine’s format is nearly identical to Instagram’s format. It is easy to navigate through friends posts and profiles as well as search for people you may know. As a Vine user it is hard for me to predict the future of the app. As of now people are intrigued by the idea and I think it will continue to get a lot of downloads. I do think that if a greatly improved update does not come out that users will eventually become bored and frustrated with the flaws.  With all of the great forms of social media people can download as apps, updates and improvements are crucial for staying relevant and competitive with others. If you want to download or learn more about Vine check out the links below!


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