Pelle Nilsson– Myspace: Past & Present

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I, like countless other teens, used to spend hours picking my “top 8” checking out songs and myspace stalking everyones first friend “Tom”. This is however no longer the case. Myspace has been overtaken by social medias like facebook and twitter. 2008 was the first year that they started experiencing significant loss due to their competitors taking the the drivers seat in the social media world. In 2011 it was up for sale for $100 dollars, however, no one was interested. It was later sold for around $30. Recently Justin Timberlake has partnered with myspace in hopes to create something new in the social media world. Even though facebook and twitter are responsible for tremendous amounts of money lost, today you can sign into myspace with your facebook or twitter account. Even with these new developments in myspace, in the year of 2011, in between the monts of January and February myspace lost 10 million users. The myspace available today is much more focused on music and discovering new things, and it is less of a medium of communication. Myspace’s CEO no longer thinks of facebook as a competitor or rival, they are no integrated and will make your social media experience even more extensive. If (for whatever reason) you miss the old myspace, it is still available. I actually looked up my old myspace profile and it was still intact. I had messages from about 3 years ago (when i last logged in) and even my top 8 friends were still there. A big thing on myspace when i was younger was to customize backgrounds and i was sad to see that my custom background had been removed. In regards to the new myspace, it was said that they would start marketing their new features and attractions heavily, however, i nor the class have seen anything. It would be beneficial for the general public to understand that myspace today is less of a communications resource and more of a social media platform that allows you to discover new media such as music, pictures, videos, etc.

Here is a picture of everyone’s first facebook friend Tom.

Here is a video showcasing the new myspace and its’ features

-Class Presentation


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