By: Jared Vorvick

Infomercials are one of the most well-known types of direct marketing. Several elements to help ensure success of an infomercial include:
1) testimonials of happy customers
2) Celebrity testimonials
3) Splitting the infomercial into segments
4) Don’t offer information if you can’t offer a speedy follow-up

I spent some time watching infomercials on youtube and the most interesting thing to me was how much the infomercials played to extreme situations. They always depict people really struggling with simple everyday challenges. Finding your phone on your desk becomes the hardest thing in the world, and eggs become the messiest things to ever enter your kitchen.

Yet in the end, that’s the point. Infomercial products are here to show you how much easier your life can be. Why sweat the small stuff when you can simply wipe that sweat away with a Al’s new Sweat-B-Gone??

Jared Vorvick
Twitter: @JaredVorvick


Infomercials: Making Sure You Know What You REALLY Need!

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