Listening to Pinky on class this past Tuesday was very entertaining. He was a great presenter whom could hold an audience with practically any subject. As he bounced from topic to topic I couldn’t help but be most intrigued when he delved into the topic of LinkedIn. I’ve just recently began tuning my LinkedIn profile, but see much room for improvement. With Pinky’s lecture fresh in my mind, and a presentation covering the social media site this upcoming week, I felt like a blog post on the importance of crafting a good LinkedIn profile was quite necessary.

To summarize Pinky’s thoughts, he felt like LinkedIn did the most of any social media site to enhance and further his career. He talked about when deciding to move away from Nashville, back to the west coast that LinkedIn made for a relatively smooth transition. He was able to find a source of secure income and considers LinkedIn a vehicle in which on can “change their life”. Pinky thinks highly of the site, below are links to his blog post and video:


What LinkedIn represents is a professional platform in which one can connect with other business professionals. It is widely considered to be the best social media site to connect with other professionals with similar interests, and recent polls indicate that Americans consider their profiles their ‘most important’ account across all social media sites. LinkedIn is the social media site in which users can create a personalized professional brand and showcase that brand to potential employers and employees.

Everyone agrees that LinkedIn is crucial in today society, it creates an unparallelled platform to market one’s unique skill set and attributes. Recruiters and employees are increasingly seeing the importance of LinkedIn so join the party and ‘LinkIn’ with some peers! What do you guys think of LinkedIn? Please comment below.

Below I have attached a few articles outlining the importance of LinkedIn:

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The Importance of LinkedIn – Ian Dizick

7 thoughts on “The Importance of LinkedIn – Ian Dizick

  1. Good blog. I have really ramped up my LinkedIn profile since Pinky came to class. It really is an important social network for career development that will only get bigger. — Brittany Baird

  2. She wears this hand-me-down badge with honor and
    look where it got her. But if the dress has been well preserved and you can ease yourself easily into a smaller size, there’s no reason to go ballistic. Most brides have some idea of a ‘color scheme’ for their wedding.

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