Brittany Baird Blog Post 1– Search Engines

As a student I have heard many people’s opinions on search engines. Whether you are researching for a paper, wanting to learn more on your favorite artist, trying to find a recipe, or just trying to find pictures cute pictures of a puppy; you have a “go to” search engine. My favorite website to search something and I go to without even thinking is Google, but I am curious to see what the statistics are on the most used search engine.
First I wanted to learn more about how Google works itself. I learned that in one day Google answers more than one billion questions from 181 different countries and in 146 different languages. That is insane that Google does that alone and there are so many search engines out there. Google believes that there is so much to learn about this science and there are more engineers working on search than in any other time in history. It is so interesting to learn about all of the science that goes on behind the scenes of something that all of us take for granted. There are so many engineers working on algorithms to help the process of us pressing a couple of buttons to get all the information we could ever want on a subject.
Google is the most popular search engine in the world, second is Bing, and third is Yahoo. 73% of all online activities involve search engines. After Yahoo Search there are a lot of websites that I have never heard of, ever used, or are owned in some way by the top three search engines. I think I have never used these because as a High School graduate and a freshman in college I have never had to use other search engines.
I think that the human brain is amazing. It has created such an amazing technological world, that is in my opinion difficult to wrap my brain around. So just for fun I added this video, honestly at first I thought it was real.


One thought on “Brittany Baird Blog Post 1– Search Engines

  1. Google is my favorite search engine too! Bing always claims that their searches are better but i cant help but continue to use google. I also enjoyed your video. -Pelle Nilsson

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