Twitter #Music – Caitlin Virgin


On Thursday, April 18th, Group 2 presented on Twitter. The presentation was informative, interesting, and creative. The group discussed the history of Twitter, basic functions for users, practices for businesses, and new developments within the company. Teammates kept the audience engaged by luring classmates with candy bars. Every so often, the group posed a question and asked peers to tweet their answers via the Twittter199 page. The person who tweeted the correct answer first received a treat. This was a great way to integrate the functions of Twitter while involving the class.

One topic that spiked my attention during the presentation was the very recent introduction of #Music. After hearing about this new platform, I wanted to further my inquiry. I discovered that #Music is a new music recommendation service, usable via web and standalone app. #Music scans Twitter conversations and detects talked-about tracks. It is organized into five navigation tabs, popular, emerging, suggested, now playing, and me. Twitter #Music’s charts are created from Twitter activity, which reinforces the idea that an artist must “tweet to be heard.” Prior to #Music’s introduction, Twitter was already one of the Internet’s most popular spots for artists to reach their fans and get a following for their music. In fact, eight of the top ten most-followed people on Twitter are artists. This new venture provides a way for music fans to not only connect with their favorite artists, but also potentially link with artists that might otherwise be unknown. Check out the site for yourself!

Many music industry executives are eager to see what comes of this new service. The service could help the industry capture musical trends and figure out what their fans are listening to as well as what they are likely to listen to in the future. Knowing how many users follow musicians, which musicians they follow and how many music links they click on could give the industry vital information for future musical projects. While there are some skeptics, I’m optimistic #Music will prosper.

Twitter is one of the easiest practices for artists to execute. The nature of #Music encourages artists to increasingly connect with fans. The more musicians interact with followers, the higher up on the charts they get. #Music has the potential to drastically increase artist exposure opportunities. I’m excited to see where #Music goes in the coming months and years.


Here are some interesting articles and videos about the relevance of Twitter to the music industry:


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