What is a Social Consumer? – Hyoyeog Kim

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These days, with the Internet development, the numbers of people who participate in social commerce, social shopping, and consult with social media and social networks when they purchase, are growing and growing, and we call these people “Social Consumers.” I think that most people have been a social consumer at least once. Moreover, the emerging consumers have more influence than nonconsumers because if they post a negative comment about a product, it can spread across the nation instantly. Thus, I would consider “Social consumerism,” to be like “Attaching wings to a consumer.”
social consumer

There are a couple strong advantages to being a social consumer, such as a bigger voice; more power and a constant connection. First of all, social consumers have a bigger voice and more power because negative feedback about a brand is instantaneous, and genuinely damaging, so they usually offer customers the best possible term. Before social media came to our life, many jilted consumers struggled to have their voices heard, while brands shouted advertisements and marketing messages back to them. Next, a constant connection, meaning that it is easier to stay connected than it is to disconnect from the world, which has changed our purchasing habits. In my personal experience, I usually research new products and services using my personal devices. Amazingly according to the article, “More than half of British and European consumers check their social networks before rendering a final decision on whether or not to buy a product.”

I read an interesting article about social consumer and it says, “It’s every CMO’s worst nightmare: a social media crisis that has taken on a life of its own and is posing a real threat to a brand’s reputation. It could be a negative comment from a dissatisfied customer that’s gone viral on Twitter, an online reaction to a brand action offline, or an accidental Facebook post by the brand’s agency.” I strongly agree with the article because when I visit a brand’s social media, there are always more negative comments than positive comments, and brands try to persuade social customers. Therefore, I think it is about time the consumer absolutely becomes king.
Here’s the link to an interesting article that I read.
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