The Future of Mobile Advertizing

Group 4: Joe, Justin, Jordan, Jared

For our Twitter Conversation, our team decided to talk about the future advertising; more specifically mobile media. We had no idea where this conversation would go and which topics would arise. Would our fellow classmates talk about our future personal robots tweeting for us, or whether or not our hovercrafts will be sponsored by McDonald’s? Or perhaps a tamer topic like how will location based promotions come into play. We even created a hashtag (#itsthefuturebreh) to keep the conversation nice and tidy. We posted six article the day before our conversation was scheduled and waited with great anticipation of the discussion to commence once the sun rose on the following morn.
But low and behold, we were left out in the cold without even a Ping From FOMO to give us hope of a response. We posted several questions, a video, and a response to a video, but no one even gave a baby tweet in our general direction.

One reason for this could be that we posted all of the pre-conversation material at night and around the same time. If someone didn’t check their twitter with in the time frame we posted they would most likely not even know we were staging a conversation the next day.

We also think it would have engaged more people if they were able to “follow” a class Twitter page (@mktg420) as opposed to having to search #Mktg420, as most people don’t regularly check the class page.

In the end, the experience is one that we can learn from in this new and growing medium of communication. It’s the lessons learned by the early adopters that pave the way for the future of mass was fun to read into the general thoughts about the future of mobile advertising.

Here is one conversation thread that we had between ourselves:
@TweetJordonW: @JaredVorvick #mktg420 #itsthefuturebreh “Is often last touch-point before is more personal, social,local than other media”
@JaredVorvick: @TweetJordonW Think of how often we compare things w/ our phone while shopping.Its the last time we get any outside input. #itsthefuturebreh
@JMayTime: @JaredVorvick @TweetJordonW my phone came with a QR Code scanner option already installed. #itsthefuturebreh
And Joe posted a really cool video:

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