Customer Relations: A New Era

            Hyungkyu Lim Blog Post 2

     I found one interesting story about social media. Last year, Peter Shankman, a  n investor, tweeted to Morton’s Steakhouse as a joke. Two hours before landing in Newark Airport, he tweeted that he wanted to eat a steak.


       When he arrived at the airport, Peter was surprised because a guy wearing a tuxedo was waiting there with a Morton’s steak. He didn’t expect that because the closest restaurant was 24miles from the airport. Also, when people order that steak, they usually have to wait 24 hours.


Of course Shankman was not just lucky, he happens to have more than one hundred thousand followers on his Twitter feed.  Morton’s fulfilled his wish as a crafty way to generate a positive image.  After this event, a lot of people re-tweeted the story of Morton’s Steakhouse’s service. After this happening, a lot of people praised their service and Morton’s steakhouse became more popular.

       Do you think that customers are still king? In my opinion, customers who use social media are more like ‘friends.’ When you click “like” on Facebook, you can become a “friend” with many companies. Also, you can follow them on Twitter. The relationship between customers and enterprises has recently changed from a vertical to a horizontal one. It is more of a cooperative relationship in which each helps the other. Before social media, customers only contacted the companies whose products they bought in order to file a complaint. However, today social media makes it so that customers and enterprises can communicate with each other from Facebook or Twitter. In addition, today enterprises offer new deals or info to customers and then customers share that information with friends or family, thereby giving the company free advertising from a trusted source – a friend or family member. Customers are not kings anymore in these times. Not when they happily trade their personal information for a coupon and promote companies to friends and family with an energy expected of a salaried worker.  And so, enterprises no longer treat customers like kings. Hopefully this new relationship will not benefit only one side, but be mutually rewarding.


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