Social Media Pulls Marketing into 21st Century – Julie Grove

Map of social media purposes

Today in class, we had the pleasure of welcoming guest speaker Lindsey Kate McCarthy from Cawood.  It was nice to have a recent alumna speak to the class about social media marketing.  She sounded so knowledgeable that it gave hope (to those of us who will soon be graduating) that someday we will also exude a professionalism fit for the workplace.

Her presentation, itself, was helpful and full of fun tips.  Lindsey Kate had cute, little catch phrases like “You can’t set it and forget it” that grasped the concept of the importance of planning social media strategies.  Finding the right social media path for the target audience can be tricky, but it is crucial.  Through Lindsey Kate’s presentation about the Willamette Valley Cancer Institute, we learned that it using the right mix of media to best get messages across and feelings evoked.

After the presentation, we had group case studies about Facebook and Twitter that reiterated the importance of knowing the medium you are using to reach consumers.  Facebook is great for getting emotion since you can easily post pictures and videos with longer explanations than on Twitter.  Twitter is the best way to get a message across or make a deal known.  Lindsey Kate said you must chirp on Twitter all day long.

All in all, I think the three presentations today highlighted the fact that social media marketing is one of the most inclusive and receptive forms of marketing.  I found this YouTube video about the importance of social media marketing and some tips on using it efficiently. Check it out!

It’s amazing how social media can strengthen customer bonds as well as get real-time feedback on how a company is viewed.  Win + Win = Profit + Happy Customers.  You can’t ask more from a marketing campaign.

Here is a great article I found on being effective with social media from a marketing perspective:

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