Pinky Gonzales Guest Lecture- Alexa Korkos

Alexa Korkos Blog Post 2

Today’s guest lecture from Pinky Gonzales was, in my opinion, the most inspiring visit we have had in this class thus far. After dropping out of school and holding over thirty different jobs in a five-year time span, it is safe to say that Pinky’s background story is not one you usually hear from a guest lecturer. Rather than hearing the same old story, Pinky introduced us to an alternative approach; more importantly, he shared with us the lessons that he has learned while navigating his way through life. While the other guest lectures may have had more innovative products to share with us, the advice Pinky gave was much more valuable to me. His down-to-earth personality paired with his honesty and unique experiences made this guest lecture especially enjoyable.

For me, the most helpful part of the lecture was the LinkedIn tips he shared. As someone who has struggled with how to successfully use this site, I found his pointers particularly helpful for building an outstanding profile. Along with these tips, he also shared with us the importance of telling our story. While my story may not be as interesting and unique as Pinky’s, he got me thinking about how to market myself. What three things would I want to convey about myself to a potential employer? As Pinky said, “The key to success is in personal story telling.” I believe that the ability to share who I am and what I do with a potential employer will bring me a lot more success than a college diploma. Part of what made this lecture stand out to me is that we didn’t just learn about his business, we also learned his story. His lecture in itself was an example of how powerful your personal story can be.

While all of the advice Pinky had to share will help me in some way, one thing that he said particularly inspired me. His advice was, “Not having passion to do anything and having money is worse than not having money but having passion.” In a world where it seems like everyone is focused on making a buck, it was refreshing to be reminded that while money is great, it is important not to lose sight of your passion along the way. When Pinky spoke, you could feel the passion that he has for the work that he does. I can only hope that one day I will be able to say the same.

Here is the link to Pinky’s personal website where you can learn more about his story and get more of his tips for success!


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One thought on “Pinky Gonzales Guest Lecture- Alexa Korkos

  1. I completely agree with you, Alexa! I though Pinky Gonzales brought something new and fresh to our class. Throughout college everyone always thinks where is my education going to make me?… What am I going to major in?… It was so refreshing to hear from someone who took an alternative route succeed. As I am nearing graduation, the pressures of life after graduation are constantly building. As you said, Pinky held over 30 jobs in 5 years! That only inspires me to keep pushing even if I don’t find success immediately after graduation.

    I also agree that Pinky’s take on LinkedIn was extremely useful! It was nice to know that one’s LinkedIn can be unique in order to fit their personality and career they wish to find. I also loved that he went over proper ways to seek out a recommendation, which everyone needs.

    In all, I am so thankful we got to meet and hear from Pinky!

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