Building Brand: 140 Characters at a Time @JesseSchwarzz

Jesse Schwarz  –  4-15-2013


Twitter may be the future of advertising. As company

tweets speak volumes through out the world.

Brands are beginning to understand the power and potential of social networking sites such as Twitter as a tool for growing their brands and advertising to costumers. Unlike traditional advertising, social media marketing offers brands unparalleled opportunities to analyze consumer driven data, tracking who clicks their posts, then learning what that consumer likes, and ultimately track their purchases. All this information is available online, however sorting through it all can be an incredible challenge.  Brands are still seeking to develop social media solutions that translate directly into sales, a code that few have cracked.

One person on the cutting edge of this phenomenon is Pinky Gonzales, founder of UpRiver Solutions, a social media marketing firm based out of Portland, Oregon. They have worked with companies such as GM and Anheuser Busch to develop cutting edge social media marketing campaigns that aim to grow the brand and create interactive experiences for the consumer.  Here is a link to their company website:

The biggest challenge for social media strategizers like Gonzales is actually measuring ROI on social media marketing campaigns.  Brands are only welling to invest as much valuable time and resources into something as they are able to get out of it. While you can spend hours scanning the internet to hear some basements bloggers perspective on “5 KEY WAY TO MEASURE ROI ON TWITTER” you are unlikely to come away with any universally agreed upon solutions. However, by watching the ways in which brands are quickly moving their marketing budgets into the digital space it seems fairly clear that it is working at some capacity.

One suggestion that I discovered on this mashable blog that I think could be very effective (http:// is to look at overall results and then work backwards.  Because we are in a time of so much uncertainty I think it is important that brands don’t act too fast and end up ultimately tainting their brand image, slow and steady may just win the race. Play it 140 characters at a time, learn, grow, react, and then dominate.




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