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The talk from David Embree in class on Thursday April 11th was both informative and inspiring. Even though he could only stay for some of the class because of his drive down from Portland, the small amount of time we had with him was extremely valuable.
The fact that David was once in our chairs as a business student made his thoughts and ideas seem much more tangible. It is amazing that David was able to bring together his knowledge of business and formulate his ideas and experiences to start up this company.

AthletePath is a website which pulls together data for amateur athletes. This allows athletes to compare their results over time, and also track the results of their friends. What makes this website special is that David developed the idea based upon his own experiences with racing. He realized that he cared just as much, if not more, about how his friends were performing in races than his own race results, however, there was not a system in place to track this. This inspired him to form this business as a way to track results.

Here is an informative link with a video done with David by “Meet the Startup” @meetthestartup


Our Marketing 435 class had lots of good commentary and ideas regarding David’s talk. Based upon our twitter conversations @MKTG435 or #mktg435, here is what some of my classmates had to say:

“Greatest thing @WiedenKennedy taught @davidembree– brands are about how they make people feel, rather than a logo and tagline” –@morganneh

@Athletepath:Great example of a company identifying a need in a niche market and developing an amazing product” – @paultwebber

Other take-aways that stuck with me from David’s presentation were to not be afraid to learn or to get advice from others that are better than you. He said that you are not going to be an expert in everything. I thought this exhibited a great humbleness and willingness to be vulnerable, both of which I am sure are reasons why he has been able to be so successful.

Thanks for reading and thanks again to David for such an inspiring message! Happy marketing!

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